Crystal Muslim Organization

Categories of Essay Cmpetition

The CMO essay competition is in three (3) categories;

  • Age 13 and below
  • Age 14 to 17
  •  Age 18 and above.

Each category will have a specific topic, however all the topics will be a variation of the general theme that has been adopted in that edition. Scholars and professionals are invited as resource persons to give a scholarly perspective on the selected topics.
Participants are invited to a seminar/Prize presentation on completion of the essays which spans over 80 days. The writer of the best entry in each category will have the opportunity to present his/her paper to a large audience at a special Seminar organized to celebrate the winners. The winners will be contacted weeks before the Seminar date.

Guidlines for Scoring

The word count for the categories are:

  • Category A – 200 to 250
  • Category B – 350 to 500
  • Category C – 1000 to 1250

Every essay must include a contact address, phone number and email address of the writer. Each participant must download and complete the BIO-DATA FORM.
A Seminar and prize giving ceremony will hold at National Mosque Conference Hall, Abuja on 5th May, 2018 where prizes will be awarded.
Three (3) winners will emerge from each category.
The first prize winner in each category will have the opportunity to present his/her paper at the seminar venue.

The marking criteria are:

  • Adherence to recommended size of essay (10)
  • Introduction (5)
  • Grammar/Word usage (10)
  • Content (20)
  • Spelling (15)
  • Relevance to the topic (10)
  • Reference from the Qur’an & Sunnah (20)
  • Neatness (5)
  • Conclusion (5)

Contacting the Winners

The best three entries in each category will be shortlisted. The winner of the best entry in each category will be contacted via phone and/or email some weeks before the Seminar date.
The winners or their representative must be in attendance on the day of the Seminar. This is a condition that must be fulfilled.
Please note that you will not be required to pay any money or perform any task that will require you to part with money or properties before you can be confirmed as a CMO essay competition winner.
Also note that you will be required to foot your transportation and any other incidental cost that you will incur in attending the Seminar.