Crystal Muslim Organization

Who we are

Crystal Muslim Organization (CMO) is an Islamic NGO registered with CAC under RC:39336. It was founded in 2006 by a group of concerned Muslims with the aim of enhancing the better understanding of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims in order to promote a peaceful coexistence among all mankind irrespective of race, tribe or religious creed. It also seeks to build a media conscious generation of Muslim youths that will be able to set the records right, make rejoinders and publications in the interest of Islam/Muslims for the sake of improving collective knowledge. Additionally, CMO is also actively involved in social welfare development and education advancement of Muslims. The organization is headed by a chairman at national level and deputy chairmen at state levels. It also has executive membership in line with CAC requirements.


The Primary objective of CMO is to Develop the reading and writing ability of Muslim youths, capacity development and social welfare advancements in order to promote peaceful coexistence among Muslims and non-Muslims in line with the teachings of the holy Quran and Hadith.

CMO is subdivided into directorates namely:

  • Directorate of Zakaat fund Administration.
  • Directorate of Education development and Scholarship.
  • Directorate of Social welfare development.
  • Directorate of Media, Research and Development.
  • Directorate of Finance and Administration


CMO currently has its  main office in Lagos, a branch in Abuja, Katsina and Kaduna with the hope of opening more branches in the nearest future in sha Allah. CMO targets owning the following capacity;

  • Crystal Muslim Orphanage Homes.
  • Crystal Muslim Islamic Education and Research Institute.
  • Crystal Muslim Scholarship Trust.
  • Crystal Islamic Hospital.
  • Crystal Muslim Muqabar.