Crystal Muslim Organization

Projects undertaken so far

In line with the objectives, the Education development and scholarship directorate of CMO has made modest achievement in its undertakings through the years. In the field of literature development of Muslim youths, it has consistently organized annual essay competitions since 2007, scholarships within and outside Nigeria, Islamic spelling bee competition and adult classes among others. It is worthy of mention that, CMO provided the platform for some essay participants to produce Islamic books presently in the market.

The Social welfare directorate has also over the years consistently visited Hospitals to provide succor and comfort patients inline with the sunnah. These visits  usually provide soft and critical assistance to mitigate the patience’s challenges. Furthermore, CMO provides refreshing iftar to the less privileged Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan. Last but not the least, Social welfare directorate completely fenced a  Muqabar (cemetery) in Darfur, Sudan, provision of portable water source to an IDP community in Durumi, renovated several community masjids and conducted drugs abuse awareness programs in collaboration with NDLEA and other stakeholders.

In the aspect of Zakat fund, CMO has disbursed millions of naira as zakat to Muslims and some non Muslims in grave need of financial assistance, medical bills, school fees and skill acquisition and empowerment. The organization has remained steadfast and transparent discharging of the funds. We most humbly submit that at CMO any amount payed as zakat is delivered 100% to the target beneficiaries inline with the Quran and sunnah without any administrative or logistics charge. Over the years almost one hundred individuals and families have directly benefited from the zakat disbursement.