Amongst the Five Pillars of Islam is Zakat and it is a duty every Muslim should fulfill.

For every able person who meets the minimum requirement, or nisab, they must give 2.5% of their wealth to charity before the end of the Lunar year. Your zakat is calculated according to any cash you have, gold and silver, any investments, loans or debts.

Your zakat is given to the poor and needy with good intentions for the sake of Allah SWT to help us become better Muslims. Giving Zakat is a reminder to not be greedy and free our minds from the obsession of materialistic things; it is a way to eliminate the line between the poor and rich. By giving Zakat we are taught that wealth is not everything and that it is God who gave us wealth and it is He who can take it away.

If you are unsure as to how much Zakat you need to pay, use our calculator below. (Before using our calculator we advise that you check the current rate of gold and silver.)

Why Give Zakat to Crystal Muslim Organization?

The support of destitute orphans and widows is a cause for which Zakat is applicable and highly recommended. with your zakah we will support an orphan child for an entire year. This will provide them with shelter, food, clothing, medical care and education. However much your Zakat is calculated to, it can make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable orphans.

If you have any questions regarding Zakat or need any help in calculating how much you need to give, email us at and we’ll be more than happy to help.

How is Zakat Distributed by Crystal Muslim Organization?

The Qur’an (Chapter 9, verse 60) specifies eight categories for the distribution of Zakat:

  • The poor & needy
  • The destitute
  • Those employed to collect Zakat
  • To reconcile hearts
  • Those in slavery
  • Those who are in debt
  • Those struggling in the path of Allah
  • Travelers who have run out of money